Toyota Tacoma Years

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By now you’ve probably heard the rumors and reports of the new Tacoma. It’s been called “roughed up”, “muscled out”, “the spiciest Taco” and “The highest performing Tacoma yet.” The whispers started long before the mythic new Tacoma TRD Pro appeared this year at the Chicago Auto Show. Building on the innovation and momentum of the TRD Pro family, the 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro is factory equipped for adventure by the design experts at TRD, creating a new benchmark in Off-Road capability.

Adventure isn’t always planned and the unexpected sometimes happens off the trail. Toyota’s TRD Pro series is at home volcano hopping, racing through Baja and sludging through the snow. For the most treacherous settings, TRD has tuned in to the needs and dreams of Toyota’s robust Off-Road community, creating a vehicle that is not only the heir to the storied Toyota Racing Development legacy, but the passion of TRD’s engineering team as well.